This page is dedicated to the Choir parents of the RHS program.  The vocal program at RHS is going through a metamorphosis of sorts, newly under the direction of Kevin Haines, an RHS alumni.  Last year, the concert choir won the Gold Award at Fantastic Festivals in central CT and will be travelling to Disney World in FL to perform later this school year.  Ensembles perform a mixed repertoire, covering everything in between Renaissance, Jazz, Pop, and more.


There are also two A Cappella ensembles outside of the curricular choir class:

  • The Madrigals

  • The Nightingales 

The Madrigals, along with the Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band, will be performing in the Small Ensembles Concert on May 29, 2019.

For information on these groups, you can contact Mr. Haines.  These groups typically perform out in the community more often than the Choir class, which performs three or four times a year.


For a complete calendar of music department events, check out RHS Music department calendar .

At this time, a budget, calendar of help, etc. is being made for choir.  Some events where the choir can use parent assistance are listed on the volunteer page.